The station optimization and marketing soft writing tips two.

one to pay attention to the simplicity and temptation, many net love some rhetoric piling, and even some of the Shanghai dragon optimized "ruffian", more love for the search engine keyword stuffing attention, but this result is clearly contrary to the thing, I think a better way is a trap for users to take the initiative to drill, a wonderful title is often better than the simple information, thousands and thousands of words, clear under the temptation of the title is the first step.

The depth of excavation read more


Using robots file pages to enhance the capture rate


, the sitemap.xml address is written to the robots.txt file, so as to enhance the rate of web pages is feasible and is operable. Hope can website promotion and optimization are discussed with more friends. The original Taizhou talent network 贵族宝贝tz.qianjiangrc贵族宝贝. Welcome to reprint, please keep the source.

at the same time, we also can not mutually omitted the most important point is that the robots.txt is the first file search engine to access the site to view. To understand this, we will have the necessary, may also do some articles for this one. read more


An analysis of competitors how long to occupy the home


keyword density once misled many people, some words of the site density is as follows. Considering the display of the webmaster tools of keyword density, may not contain pictures alt and title in the word, in fact the density figure is bigger.

three, diversification of external links

two, special pages detonated flow

analysis: many examples have proved that if there is no malicious stack keywords, to reduce the influence of rights is not great. Of course, the so-called malicious standard, can only infinitely close. read more


5 details need to pay attention to the Shanghai dragon do sprocket

Shanghai Longfeng caution sprocket, slightly different, may be into the search engine at the bottom of the hell, and never stand up, then do chain need to pay attention to what? 5 details need to pay attention to the following

red dragon Corps Shanghai original, reproduced please indicate the source: www.red er贵族宝贝/zuobi- /0525109.html

2. blog circle can not be closed, that is to say, e can link to the a blog blog, because this will cause a crawling cycle of search engine, search engine is very easy to cheat in treatment. There are many closed chain pattern on the Internet, those who are not correct. read more


n 2013 three the chain development situation of inquiry platform


said that, for the already entered in 2013, these can be Q & a platform used by us? The answer is yes, but we also need to pay attention to the trend in 2013, that is in 2013, ask the chain effect is not so good, the efficiency is not so high.

of course, here I also share love Shanghai know through one little secret, it is that we can borrow from Shanghai complaints function know love. We know the link immediately deleted because the machine is found to cause the audit, if our complaints will enter the manual review stage, then as long as we are links and answer content match, there may be through. read more


Liyang Shanghai Dragon more than 40 days website keyword optimization to share love Shanghai home ex

Li Yang Shanghai Longfeng blog has been updated to the original article, although his writing is not very good, the website articles are some of the experience of their own experiences, that may not be very good, that’s wrong, I hope you help me out. There is a point.

, the website chain, this site I do website over this blog, the chain to do some work I almost every day, one day about five or so effective outside the chain, sometimes in the blog article to contribute, so webmaster website A5, outside the chain of a month time increased a lot, now in love with overseas chain at least 500 or so. And the website Links, since I do know a lot of Shanghai Longfeng webmaster, so since I set up a blog, I added a lot of Links, here I thank you. A lot of friends website PR is also good, some of the site’s weight is also very high, to some extent driven by the force of Shanghai Longfeng blog website ranking. read more


A knife the homepage is full analysis after K

after this incident, several keyword rankings will disappear, but the snapshot back to ten, but a little consolation is included was just as normal, after this snapshot also stopped at that place, don’t even say. It can be very clear to tell you, if you are determined to do a website, do not look for those not reliable host to purchase virtual host cheap, best can hire their own VPS, permitting of course to rent a server is the best.

recently mood is not good, because a website home page is in love with the sea K off, although try to face his calm, but there is still a little. I will not send the website, the copyright information in the last leave, then I will put this website home page by K before and after what happened, I was on the front page of the cause of K, but also hope to have more valuable advice to help users recover my weight. read more


Case analysis to improve small design details page, user friendly experience degrees

Logo may seem unimportant, but actually on our site plays a key role. We open a website, one eye may be stuck in this small icon, how to make a small icon to play a proper role for our friendly user experience. In fact, Logo can also be appropriate to change to cater to the user experience, such as holidays or special customs anniversary, we will celebrate that general major search engine Logo is properly changed, this is best done is Google, its transformation on logo is the most frequent, are changed with the memory of some important days, in fact, we are familiar with the network owners too, through the observation of a year or so, it’s lo> read more


Goojje PR update Baidu is updated immediately

, the Internet frequently reported material PR from now on is no longer updated, before and after the Dragon Boat Festival in 2011 began online mention Google is updated, has been extended to the 6.27 Google comprehensive update, finally the webmaster of the dream, when you see the PR update, has been quietly pay for the webmaster feel to pay, of course there are also some sites because of the long-term not update, long time don’t do the chain or the frequent changes of the title, PR decreased. read more


Google ranking factors (eight) site level factors (two)

second, whether the site has duplicate content, duplicate content within the site, Google will only be included on one version, if duplicate content too much, Google will think you site quality problems.

seventh, there is no use of Google analytics and Google webmaster tools, these two tools are Google’s very good Webmaster Help Management and analysis tool for site (not for Google advertising means), of course, registration and use of these two tools is very small on the rankings, included the effect is great. So we can understand this, one day can get better included a day earlier ranking. read more


Click to see the natural flow the wise remark of an experienced person more stable keywords ranking

3, increase trust website, constantly upgrade from users and search engines, improve web page website click on viscosity, natural flow will be promoted.

website keywords get good rankings, many webmaster indulge in the joy, but ignore the existence of the crisis, the so-called "Dajiangshan easy to keep country is difficult, here the ranking is the same, do simple, but to long-term stability in the home is not so simple things, so the webmaster also need to be continuously optimized, so that a more stable ranking. read more


BLUEFATE drop back to life experience right from a website

, there are a lot of mistakes, that is unable to access the most deadly.

Reduce the amount of

at that time when I was at the same time optimization of another station, so to ensure the Asia Pacific network cabinet normal optimization promotion at the same time, also started another station. Due to the overall architecture website before and leadership views, change the time the site is often the case, one day, a cup happened. The Asia Pacific Network Cabinet rank had disappeared, the snapshot also stopped, the article is not included, I was very nervous, this is why? The ranking has been stable for two or three months, how will drop down the rankings? Love Shanghai Not the least trace was found. disappear, ranking dropped the baby aristocracy before, right down is not so much. Based on past experience, I checked the Links, seemingly no problem what. I immediately opened the noble baby management tool, I finally found the answer here: read more


From the new A5 domain name website construction website said why you can not change the domain name

we know that the domain name is generally use letters, numbers or letters and digital form. However, due to China habits, love is to use pinyin or digital, don’t use the word love English. Therefore, the domain name choice to meet the people’s habits. For example, the largest search company in Shanghai Shanghai is love love the phonetic form, go to the market like Pinyin classification information website ganji贵族宝贝 is used. As well as the use of digital domain, such as 58 city, is the use of 58; Jingdong used the domain name is the first letter of the alphabet form. read more


Google hit by matching domain adjustment algorithm superior inferior website

Katz said that this algorithm will affect the adjustment of 0.6% English search. He said that this action and the other Google two combat spam sites "Panda" and "Penguin" (independent of the former for poor content sites, the latter for fraudulent website).

according to foreign media reports, a means of inferior website in Google search in the upper, and is consistent with the domain name registered common keywords. Google announced the relevant high-level before will adjust algorithm against these poor site. read more


A knife the domestic application of the search engine optimization software

The development of

this is why we talk about Shanghai Longfeng optimization analysis and management system, why should emphasize Shanghai Longfeng optimization analysis and management system. At the same time can also explain why many websites at one stage in the search engine’s performance is very good, and in constant change and update the search engine, is gradually brush down.

analyzed the status quo of domestic Shanghai Longfeng optimization software, now I continue to talk about the Shanghai dragon optimization software. Overall, most of the domestic web site optimization of Shanghai Longfeng project is mainly manual, some large sites will be based on their own needs for the development of tools, or some also use software developed abroad Shanghai Longfeng optimization. read more


Analysis of how to make love Shanghai love Shanghai encyclopedia encyclopedia promotion effect

since the understanding of the advantages and application of love Shanghai encyclopedia, Wikipedia is learning how to do Shanghai next. But because the contents of Wikipedia entry strict specification preparation, low grade encyclopedia account more restricted, need to provide a variety of authoritative references and qualifications and other reasons, resulting in a large number of enterprises.

love Shanghai encyclopedia promotion process: 贵族宝贝uducn贵族宝贝/baike/20120711471.html

search results ranking: love is love Shanghai Shanghai Encyclopedia of weights given very high, and the station optimization is indeed the general search engine optimization, can not match. We can try, whether search words, names, brand names, and even some keywords, events, love Shanghai encyclopedia rankings are in the top 3. read more