Scientists overcome bottleneck in fabricating quantum dot displays

first_img More information: Joon-Suh Park et al. “Alternative Patterning Process for Realization of Large-Area, Full-Color, Active Quantum Dot Display.” Nano Letters. DOI: 10.1021/acs.nanolett.6b03007 © 2016 Now in a new study, researchers have developed a method that overcomes this tradeoff by combining two conventional methods: photolithography, which uses light to pattern the quantum dots with a high resolution; and layer-by-layer assembly, which uses the electric charges of the quantum dots to uniformly deposit them in layers over a large area. The researchers, Joon-Suh Park et al., have published a paper on the new quantum dot patterning process in a recent issue of Nano Letters. They expect that the new method will provide a practical, low-cost solution to the bottleneck in fabricating high-resolution, large-scale quantum dot devices. “We believe that our work provides a quantum dot patterning method that is compatible with conventional semiconductor fabrication processes that lowers the barrier for the industrial development,” Park, at the Korea Institute of Science and Technology (KIST), told “As quantum dots are more robust against water or oxygen exposure compared to organic materials, we believe that quantum dots can be applied to broad aspects in which organic materials are currently in place: displays (AMOLEDs), photodetectors, phototransistors, and solar cells.”Although there are a variety of techniques for depositing and patterning particles onto substrates, quantum dots present a greater challenge due to their unusual properties. For instance, because of their high molecular weight, evaporation techniques are infeasible, and due to their hydrophobic coating, they have a tendency to dissolve when they come in contact with the organic chemicals used in conventional photolithography. In order to use photolithography without damaging the quantum dots, the researchers in the new study used quantum dots that are modified to be hydrophilic so that they no longer dissolve in organic solvents. In addition, the researchers endowed the substrate with electric charges, which they used to help adhere the dots to the substrate via the electrostatic force. To demonstrate the new method, the researchers fabricated a display of the screenprint “Marilyn Monroe 1967″ by Andy Warhol using red, green, violet, and yellow quantum dots on a 4-inch substrate, which may be considered large-scale for quantum dot displays.In the future, the researchers plan to further improve the quantum dot displays using the new patterning method.”We are currently optimizing the QD-LED structure for our method, minimizing the LED size for higher power efficiency and higher resolution display technology, and developing one-chip, multi-wavelength photodetectors using the demonstrated patterning method,” Park said. Explore further (—Although quantum dots were discovered in the 1980s, so far there have been no widespread commercial applications of these nano-sized light-emitting semiconductor particles. The main problem is that quantum dots need to be deposited and patterned onto substrates, and currently there is no method that can do this both with a high resolution and on a large scale. Researchers use quantum dots to manipulate lightcenter_img The researchers demonstrated the new large-scale quantum dot patterning method by making an image of the artwork of Marilyn Monroe by Andy Warhol (1967) on 4-in. quartz wafer, seen here under UV lamp excitation. Credit: Park et al. ©2016 American Chemical Society Journal information: Nano Letters This document is subject to copyright. Apart from any fair dealing for the purpose of private study or research, no part may be reproduced without the written permission. The content is provided for information purposes only. Citation: Scientists overcome bottleneck in fabricating quantum dot displays (2016, November 2) retrieved 18 August 2019 from read more


I am leaving because I am bored

first_imgI have never read a suicide note that I would want to have written.’ -Edwin Shneidman, Suicide ExpertMorbid. So morbid. I have heard that word almost every day of my life since 2011 and I will pretty much have to hear it for the rest of my life if things go exactly the way they are right now.  No. I didn’t try killing myself. I had decided to work on suicide notes for my doctoral thesis. Battling through a course on autobiographies in Delhi University I recall guffawing at a certain author’s tale and whispering to a classmate – ‘He could have made all of this up!’ ‘No! He couldn’t have!’ came the response. ‘Why not?’ – ‘It is an autobiography. Why would someone lie?’ ‘If there is scope to lie, people lie,’ I shot back. ‘You have serious issues…’ she had said and the conversation ended because we were asked to stop talking. This was a M.Phil class mind you. Also Read – ‘Playing Jojo was emotionally exhausting’Autobiographies, I believe, are the best place to lie. You can make a whole world up and those (unfortunates) who read the work believe every word because this genre of writing comes with a herculean truth claim. Would you believe it if someone said that Gandhi lied in his My Experiments with Truth? No true-blood Indian would. He is after all our shield, barrier and excuse when we condemn. I know one person did not lie – that was Primo Levi. And that is perhaps why his Also Read – Leslie doing new comedy special with NetflixSurvival in Auschwitz and If This is a Man reads more like suicide notes than an autobiographies or biographies or even stories. The bridge that would plague me for days to come was forged then. Suicide notes are private documents. A stranger should not read a suicide’s last words, it is just not fair. Marc Etkind says in his book …Or Not to Be, ‘This book of suicide notes is pornography. In reading these, the most intimate documents, you are a sadistic voyeur, transforming someone else’s pain into your own pleasure.’ Almost as a conjecture comes Hannah Arendt’s words – ‘Nothing and nobody exists in this world whose very being does not presuppose a ‘spectator’. In other words, nothing that is, insofar as it appears singular; everything that is- is meant to be perceived by somebody.’Etkind writes, ‘It was no coincidence that the rise in suicide notes correspond with the rise of newspapers in the eighteenth century. Suicide notes only became common when there was an outlet for them to be read,’ and goes on to say that every note he has in his book has been ‘previously published’. Etkind believes that suicide notes are written when people are at their psychological worst. He calls the content bizarre, rambling, angry and sad documents but then there are only so many ways to express pain. Pain, suffering, eternal melancholia seems to be the backbone of Literature. Perhaps, across the world there are only a few books that thrive on happiness and sunshine wholly. This written document that also comes with a truth claim (why would anyone lie moments before their death?) seems to bear a burden very similar to autobiographies. Are they literature? If yes – what genre? I may have an answer in a years’ time or I may not. But till then I can safely immerse myself in the morbid pleasure of reading about death and reading a lot of suicide notes. ‘…I feel certain I am going mad again. I feel we can’t go through another of those terrible times. And I shan’t recover this time. I begin to hear voices, and I can’t concentrate…’ wrote Virginia Woolf. ‘…I must be one of those narcissists who only appreciate things when they’re alone. I’m too sensitive. I need to be slightly numb in order to regain the enthusiasm I had as a child…it’s better to burn out than to fade away,’ – and Kurt Cobain burned.Compared to Sylvia Plath’s words from Lady Lazarus – ‘ Dying is an art, like everything else. I do it exceptionally well. I do it so it feels  like hell. I do it so it feels real…’ her suicide note was unimaginative and blunt – ‘Please call Dr. Horder’.  The poetry-insanity mobius strip did the author of The Bell Jar in ages before she actually killed herself. ‘But suicides have a special language. Like carpenters they want to know which tools. They never ask why build,’ wrote Anne Sexton in Wanting to Die.  This special language  is what fascinates me and thus my obsession with this pornography. Given, all suicide notes are not weighty enough to merit deep analysis or even a re-read. But then final words should be chosen with care, they are the last of what remains of  you. That little shot at eternity, ironically.  A suicide chooses to end life that he/she found unbearable but then they decide to leave behind something imperishable. Words. But then if someone had the clarity of thought to pen a decent note, would they necessarily kill themselves? The debate rages. ‘Dear world: I am leaving because I am bored. I am leaving you with your worries in this sweet cesspool,’ wrote actor George Sanders.  I am still searching for that one note I wish to write if I ever do decide to kill myself.last_img read more


Bapus words

first_imgA theatrical depiction of the real life events between the Mahatma and an ordinary man, Tarkeshwar Pandey, Samagam Foundation presented Gandhi tum zinda ho a play at Surtal, Taalkatora Gardens on 3 November. The play was conceived designed and directed by Raj Upadhyay. It was a mega production by way of sound, light and special effects on stage. More than 40 actors participated in this mega production. The play aspires to give impetus to the Mahatma’s ideology. A ripple effect of calm and tolerance spread through the despair and gave people hope. Also Read – ‘Playing Jojo was emotionally exhausting’The  main aim is to understand and incorporate the values of one of the greatest social thinkers and reformists, Gandhi, the Mahatma, in turbulent times such as today. The audience gave standing ovation at the end of the play and appreciated the level of production and also the acting talents of the lead actors.  Also present at the play were Prakash Javadekar, Vijay Goel, Abha Dalmia, Raj Upadhyay, Veena Chaddha, Rashmi Malik among others.last_img read more


Ban builders who deny housing on basis of eating habits MNS

first_imgKnown for targeting migrants from states likes Uttar Pradesh and Bihar, Maharashtra Navnirman Sena (MNS) has now begun a campaign against vegetarian population of the metropolis, especially against the builders who deny housing facility on the basis of food preferences.The party has moved a notice of motion with the municipal secretary department of the Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation (BMC), saying that builders should be banned from denying the selling or renting houses on the grounds of food preferences and their religious beliefs. Also Read – Need to understand why law graduate’s natural choice is not legal profession: CJI‘We have received numerous complaints from people saying that they were denied flats by certain builders only because they are non-vegetarians. I have even prepared a case study in this regard.‘We are of the view that this is gross injustice as 99 per cent of the people who are denied flats happen to be Maharashtrians,’ MNS corporator Sandeep Deshpande, told PTI.He claimed that it is a necessity to pass a law wherein it is mandatory for the builder to ensure that discrimination on the basis of caste or creed is not done while selling or renting properties. Also Read – Health remains key challenge in India’s development: Kovind‘If the builder flouts norms, all the permissions taken by the builder from BMC will then be revoked,’ he said.‘When we protest against migrants from other states saying it affects job prospects of the Marathis, people say we are violating their fundamental right to stay and work at a place.Now, when these builders deny flats, are they not snatching away the fundamental rights of people?’ Deshpande said. Incidentally, Congress leader Nitesh Rane too had triggered a controversy last week with remarks against the Gujarati speaking population.last_img read more


TMC takes over Birbhum ZP seat as Oppn fails to make a

first_imgKolkata: Trinamool Congress has bagged the Birbhum Zilla Parishad seat unopposed. Monday was the last day of filing nomination. There are 48,751 seats in Gram Panchayat, followed by 9,240 seats and 825 seats in Panchayat Samity and Zilla Parishad, respectively.A party fielding candidates in all the seats would require 58,816 workers. In the 42 member Zilla Parishad, Trinamool has fielded 41 candidates, while BJP has fielded one candidate. Neither Congress nor Left Front could field any candidate in Zilla Parishad. Also Read – Heavy rain hits traffic, flightsIn the three-tier Panchayat system, the organisation of the party matters in fielding Zilla Parishad and Panchayat Samity candidates. From 1978, when the first Panchayat election was held in Bengal till 2003, it had been seen that the Left Front used to bag 85 percent of the Zilla Parishad seats and 75 percent of the Panchayat Samity seats on an average. But in Gram Panchayat, it used to get 50 percent of the seats. In Zilla Parishad and Panchayat Samity, Left Front candidates did better because of the organisational strength of the party. In 2008, Trinamool Congress got the Zilla Parishads of South 24-Parganas and East Midnapore and had created a major dent in the Left Front vote bank. Also Read – Speeding Jaguar crashes into Merc, 2 B’deshi bystanders killedSubsequently, it got 13 seats in the Lok Sabha election which was held in 2009 and won the Kolkata Municipal Corporation election in 2010. Because of sheer organisational strength, Trinamool had ousted Left Front in the 2011 Assembly election, by winning 211 out of 294 seats.Over the years, Trinamool Congress has improved its organisational strength with efficiency and precision.Anubrata Mondal, Trinamool president of Birbhum district, said BJP does not have any organisation in the district and has tried to create trouble by bringing in “outsiders” from the neighbouring states. “But once the administration sealed the border, BJP could not bring them and could file only one candidate in ZP,” said Mondal.He said the organisational strength of the party in Birbhum is very strong and added: “the party will get the ZP in all the districts, as Mamata Banerjee has carried out massive development in rural areas. This is for the first time when Panchayat election will be held on development, compared to the Left regime, when elections were held on false promises.”last_img read more


Books in the age of Candy Crush

first_imgWhen Jane Austen declared that ‘after all there is no enjoyment like reading! How much sooner one tires of anything than of a book!’, she of course had never imagined something like a Facebook and Instagram. Technology has taken over our world. Go to a mall, a park, a subway, anywhere and you see everyone bent over their phones. Communication or face to face communication rather, has taken a backseat, and so has the simple pleasures of life. Like walking in the park and noticing a blooming flower, like riding to work and noticing fellow passengers and their lives on the bus, like reading a book. Also Read – ‘Playing Jojo was emotionally exhausting’Books have taken a backseat and the proof is the gradual disappearance of bookshops, book clubs and library cards. Honestly, when was the last time you used a library card (if it hasn’t already expired) for just the pleasure of going to the library and browsing through some old favourites? What happened to the book clubs that used to be such a rage in school?Somehow Internet, chats and social media has taken over the good old pleasure of sinking deep into a engrossing piece of literature. Instead of learning to read from picture books, toddler know how to operate an iphone. Reading extensively has been replaced by scrolling through posts on tumbler, memes have taken over comic books. Life has become more about instagramming than about actually enjoying it. Books are not discussed at home where family meetings are held in front of the television sets and a new Xbox or a selfie stick has become a better Christmas gift than a good old hard-cover. We may plead guilty and blame the scarcity of time as the reason for the withdrawal from books, but the lack of literature in life has its own disadvantages. Also Read – Leslie doing new comedy special with NetflixThe kind of wing that words give to imagination is inconceivable through any other medium, written words penetrate the mind more than visual images as they stay there and cultivate ideas.Of course, books are being written and published still. Of course bookworms can still be found curled up in bed with a book, instead of livetweeting their lives, but they are a dying breed. Technology has indeed made the world an easier place to live in but let’s not sacrifice the simple pleasures of life over it.Between The Covers is a weekly column on reading up and rating downlast_img read more


Bengal govt looks to cut down on avoidable expenditure

first_imgKolkata: Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee will hold a high level meeting on Thursday at Nabanna Sabhaghar, to ensure ways to cut down on avoidable expenditure.The state government has already issued a memorandum on Monday, stating the steps that need to be taken to cut down on avoidable non-plan expenditure.All the ministers and minister of states will be present in the meeting. Malay De, Chief Secretary, Virendra, Director General of Police, Surajit Kar Purkayastha, State Security Advisor, Rajeev Kumar, Commissioner of Police, officers of joint secretary and above rank of all departments and state government undertaking companies, will also be present in the meeting that will be convened at 1 pm. Also Read – Speeding Jaguar crashes into Merc, 2 B’deshi bystanders killedIn the meeting, the Chief Minister will be discussing all the issues related to the measures need to be taken to cut down on avoidable expenditure.As stated in the memorandum, 15 measures have been suggested to check the expenses. Conferences and seminars must be held in government premises, instead of in any hotel or private facility without approval of the Chief Secretary and ostentatious decoration of the venues shall be stopped.No lavish reception or meet shall be organised without approval of the Chief Secretary. At the same time, offering of bouquet and expensive gifts and mementos to greet dignitaries, apart from state guests and the dignitaries coming from outside the state, should also be stopped. Also Read – Naihati: 10 councillors return to TMC from BJPMoreover, the lunch packet in meetings should be kept simple and cost of refreshments should be restricted.Restricting expenditure on stationery for participants in any meeting, it has been stated that at maximum, writing pad and a simple pen can be given. Only a simple bag may be given in very special cases.Most importantly, stress has been given on video conferencing to avoid frequent meetings at the state headquarters or regional headquarters, in which field officers from districts need to travel long distances. There should not be any expenditure to beautify or furnish office rooms, guest houses, etc. and “the head of the department can accord necessary approval to such expenditure of not more than Rs 5 lakh for any financial year”.Bar has also been imposed on purchase of new vehicles for “meeting operational requirement” of the departments, for providing essential and emergency services. Finance department’s approval is a must for purchasing and hiring of new vehicles.At the same time, restriction has also been imposed on fuel consumption for both operational and non-operational vehicles and officers are to be provided a pool vehicle, as per entitlement, instead of individual vehicles.In a bid to save power consumption, installation of air-conditioners shall be made as per existing entitlement of officers. Officers should visit Delhi and other states only when it is absolutely necessary, with appropriate authority’s permission and it has to be in economy class of a flight for travelling within the country. There shall be no foreign trips, unless specifically approved by the state government.Creation of posts has to be approved, only after being scrutinised by the State Level Committee.It may be mentioned that the next cabinet meeting will be held on July 5 from 5 pm onwards.last_img read more


Delhi limbers up for Half Marathon

first_imgFitness in  today’s time has taken a major leap managing to venture beyond  celebrity endorsement. Gone are the days when postponed morning walks and the excuse of not fitting into an old pair of jeans prompted people to stretch beyond their comfort zones. The idea of staying fit has now transcended the stereotypical perspective of staying slim and the mantra now, is more about healthy mind and body.Striving hard to maintain the delicate balance between food and fitness, the norm has now subsidised to all the denominators of people and public occasions like marathons which give it, its required edge.  Also Read – ‘Playing Jojo was emotionally exhausting’Such events not only urge people to move out of the structured walls of a gym but also foster the core essence of human connection by bringing thousands of people together to celebrate the spirit of running. In order to increase fitness awareness and to ensure maximum participation, Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal launched the registrations for the eighth edition of Airtel Delhi Half Marathon. Kejriwal at the event said, “The Delhi Government is extremely pleased to be associated with the Delhi Half Marathon. One of the aims of our Government is to encourage sports, health and fitness.  Also Read – Leslie doing new comedy special with NetflixAn event like this brings to the fore the sporting energy of the people of Delhi. I’m the first person to register for ADHM and I would urge people to come in great numbers.” This year’s marathon is expected to witness participation from over 32,000 runners including some of the world’s best professional athletes and amateur runners from across the nation and different corners of the world.Bipasha Basu, this year’s face of  the event stated, “It is very nice to see innumerable people participate year after year. Their ardour and zeal are an inspiration to everyone.” In order to increase women participation at the event she said, “This year, I will especially request all the women of Delhi to come out and participate at the event. I urge you to once again bring out your running shoes and put your best foot forward for the Marathon. See you at the start line!” Talking about expansion of sports merchandise market, Rishi, Sports director at said, “Post the Internet revolution we have seen a lot of attraction, particularly in the sports merchandises which have opened up the landscape to the entire country.” The participants will take the roads running through the Parliament House, Rajpath, India Gate, Delhi Golf Club, Lodhi Road and Sansad Marg.last_img read more


Exservicemen threaten fastuntodeath over OROP

first_imgThe rally at Jantar Mantar was attended by ex-servicemen from 22 states and five Union Territories, the organisers claimed.“We have all resolved to continue our protest till such time that the government removes the seven anomalies in the OROP scheme announced by them,” said Maj Gen (Retd) Satbir Singh, President of Indian Ex-Servicemen Movement, who is spearheading the agitation since about 90 days. “Defence Minister Manohar Parrikar has said a written order on OROP will come out in a month. If the anomalies are not removed by then, we will resort to fast-unto-death,” he said. He said the veterans have been seeking for an appointment with Prime Minister Narendra Modi to explain the OROP issue. Also Read – Punjab on alert after release of excess water from Bhakra dam“But he said yesterday that OROP is being given at the expense of the poor people in the country. We have been deeply hurt and are anguished over this comment,” Singh said. A few ex-servicemen earlier undertook ‘fast-unto-death’ but ended it after government announced OROP last Saturday.Satbir Singh’s threat came as hundeds of ex-servicemen participated in a rally here to demand full implementation of OROP as proposed by them. Also Read – Union Min doubts ‘vote count’ in Bareilly, seeks probeHowever, cracks appeared in the front of ex-servicemen this week with factions levelling allegations against each other.While a section of the veterans were against holding the ‘Sainik Ekta’ rally, others feel they have been let down by the government, which had announced OROP on Saturday last.On Wednesday, Lt Gen (retd) Balbir Singh, who heads Indian Ex-Services League, had announced his decision to exit the front, alleging lack of cohesion and suggesting politicisation of the agitation. OROP involves additional spending of 2.2 pc Min: Parrikar Defence Minister Manohar Parrikar on Saturday said the ‘One Rank, One Pension’ scheme will not be a “heavy” burden as it involves an additional spending of just 2.2 per cent out of his ministry’s budget. Parrikar said he would be able to collect the amount by reducing wastage, lowering cost, and eliminating middlemen in defence deals. “A lot of people said OROP budget is going to be very heavy. I can tell you that total defence outlay was Rs 3.29 lakh crore. So it only forms about 2.2 per cent additionality in defence outlay,” Parrikar said at a seminar organised by industrial chamber FICCI. “And if I can, I promise also, I can bring that amount by saving the wastage or lowering cost by various other innovative ideas and by really preventing the middlemen” from making money, he added. Later, responding to a question on the ongoing agitation by ex-servicemen, he said: “It is a democratic right (to protest), you cannot take it away.”  However, he sought to remind the protesting veterans that for the first time in 42 years, a government has come out with OROP. The comments came on a day when veterans organised a rally, demanding that the government remove anomalies in the scheme announced by it recently.last_img read more


Tatas JLR to invest £450 mn to double Midland EMC size

first_imgTata Motors-owned Jaguar Land Rover will invest 450 million pound (over Rs 4,500 crore ) to double the size of its Midland-based Engine Manufacturing Centre (EMC).The 450 million pound investment programme at EMC is a clear signal of the company’s long-term commitment to Britain, Jaguar Land Rover (JLR) on Tuesday said in a regulatory filing.”The EMC is a strategically significant facility for JLR. The decision to expand our operations at the site provides a clear signal of our commitment to meeting customer demand for cleaner and more efficient engines, whilst developing the skills and capability that Britain needs if it is to remain globally competitive,” JLR, CEO, Ralf Speth said. Also Read – Punjab & Sind Bank cuts MCLR by up to 20 basis pointsThe move would create several hundred of new jobs at the facility which would lead to JLR’s global workforce touch 40,000 by next year. In the twelve months since its opening, the EMC has seen its workforce reach 700, while further recruitment is going on. The latest expansion of the EMC will see the site increase its operational footprint to 2,00,000 square meters, supporting capacity uplift as the company continues on its product offensive to deliver more exciting new products to customers. Also Read – ‘The great gold bull market has begun’Total investment in the site, which opened a year ago, now stands at 1bn making it the most significant new automotive manufacturing facility to be built in the UK in the last decade. The EMC is home to high technology, low emission ingenium engine – JLR’s first venture into in-house engine manufacturing in a generation.In just twelve months, the facility has moved from prototype production to full-scale manufacture with more than 50,000 engines coming off the production line.The EMC is one of JLR’s four UK-based manufacturing facilities. Together with its R&D centers in Coventry and Gaydon, JLR has invested 11 billion pound in product creation and facilities, creating more than 20,000 new jobs in the last five years.last_img read more


Gallery for preserving idols to get major facelift

first_imgKolkata: The Kolkata Metropolitan Development Authority (KMDA) is working on to give a major facelift to its gallery beside Rabindra Sarobar Lake that was created in 2012 for preserving some of the best Durga idols and installating art adorning the earlier puja pandals.”The revamped Rabindra Sarobar art gallery will be able to preserve as many as ten idols. Seven idols will be placed on separate concrete structures, while the remaining three will be displayed in the form of installation art within the 70,000 sqaure feet area earmarked for the gallery,” a senior KMDA official said. Also Read – Rain batters Kolkata, cripples normal lifeThe major attraction will be the ceiling that is being decked up with as many as 4,000 bells and the boundary walls around the gallery will be decorated with terracotta. The entrance gate will also be designed in a special way to woo visitors. There will be granite floor providing a smooth pathway. The gallery, a brain child of Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee, was created in 2012 to give common people a glimpse of some selective Durga idols that they wanted to see but could not due to huge footfall or for being outside the state. Every year around 10 idols were preserved and they were replaced with new ones the following year. Some issues over maintenance cropped up after 2016 and the decision to revamp was taken up last year. Also Read – Speeding Jaguar crashes into Mercedes car in Kolkata, 2 pedestrians killedThe work is presently in its final stage and KMDA executive engineer Sudhin Nandy is supervising the work. The KMDA is spending around Rs 2 crore for the revamp. It may be mentioned that when the gallery was created for the first time in 2012, there were around 1,000 visitors per day from October to December.Apart from the visitors, morning and evening walkers at the Sarovar also did not miss the opportunity to visit it.”We are hopeful that it will be ready before the Durga Puja and from this year, we will be able to preserve idols and attractive installation art used for adorning pandals,” the official added.last_img read more


HC issues interim stay order Licence no longer needed to buy your

first_imgKolkata: The Calcutta High Court on Tuesday issued a stay order on the circular issued by the state Transport department regarding prohibition of two-wheeler sales without customers showing valid driving licences.The Transport department had issued letters to the Regional Transport Offices (RTOs), directing them to ensure that motorcycles and scooters are being sold only to those who hold a valid two-wheeler driving licence.Following the directive, all the RTOs of the state issued a letter to the two-wheeler showrooms, ordering them not to sell any two-wheeler without the buyers showing a valid driving licence. Also Read – Rain batters Kolkata, cripples normal lifeAfter implementation of this order, the showrooms found themselves facing loss, as a large number of buyers, especially first-timers, do not hold a valid driving licence. Following this, an association of the two-wheeler selling showrooms filed a petition at the Calcutta High Court against the mandate.On Tuesday following the hearing, Justice Harish Tandon issued an interim stay order on the process. As per Justice Tandon, the reasons are not valid enough to consider such a notification. The next hearing of the case will take place in November. Also Read – Speeding Jaguar crashes into Mercedes car in Kolkata, 2 pedestrians killedOn July 4 this year, the Transport department had issued a notification based on the Central Motor Vehicle Act, not to sell any two-wheeler without buyers showing valid two-wheeler driving licences.Before the stay order issued by Justice Tandon, a person interested in buying a motorcycle or scooter had to produce a valid two-wheeler driving licence to the dealer, who in turn used to send the documents to the RTO.The applicants also had to appear before the RTO on a designated date and show the original driving licence. Only after the clearance given by the RTO, the dealer could sell a two-wheeler to the person.During the period before the interim stay order, a large number of customers were rejected by the dealers. During this period, the trend of buying a second-hand two-wheeler saw a surge.last_img read more


Police administration have to remain watchful ahead of festive season Mamata

first_imgDarjeeling: On the heels of the Kajipara blast, Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee on Wednesday ordered the police and administration to be more vigilant and proactive, especially during the forthcoming festive season.The Chief Minister arrived on a two day tour of North Bengal on Wednesday. Addressing the gathering at the inaugural programme of ‘Bhorer Alo’ in Jalpaiguri district, she stated that there could be planned efforts by some to create disturbances during the festive season.”The festive season is round the corner. There are some selfish people who cannot tolerate people rejoicing and having fun and will try to spoil it. They will go about it in a planned manner. The District Magistrates and Superintendent of Policeswill have to keep their eyes and ears open. They have to remain on guard and watchful,” stated Banerjee.last_img read more


Delhi govt released Rs 770 cr to EDMC alone in six months

first_imgNEW DELHI: To counter the BJP-ruled MCDs over the issue of alleged non-payments to the sanitation workers, the ruling AAP government on Friday claimed that it had released Rs 770 crore to the East Delhi Municipal Corporation (EDMC) alone in less than six months in the current fiscal.”It is an extremely serious matter that despite the Delhi government releasing Rs 770 crore to the East MCD alone, the sanitation workers are on strike for non-payment of their salaries whereas the area residents are suffering without any fault,” a Delhi government statement said. Also Read – Rain batters Kolkata, cripples normal lifeThe Delhi government said that it had come across certain information in the public domain on the financial condition of the three Municipal Corporations of Delhi (ruled by the BJP) and the grants from the central government for the purpose. “To dispel any misinformation and counter false claims of the BJP-led central government and the MCDs, the Delhi government is placing in the public domain the entire facts related to funds released by the Centre and the truth of funding pattern for Delhi,” the statement said It also termed the Centre’s conduct in the matter “unfortunate” and “unfair” towards Delhi and its people. Also Read – Speeding Jaguar crashes into Mercedes car in Kolkata, 2 pedestrians killedThe government said that as per the data of the Central Board of Direct Taxes (CBDT), Delhi’s contribution to the central pool of taxes has gone up from Rs 54,705 crore in 2008-09 to Rs 1,08,882.50 crore in 2016-17. “However, there has been no increase in the assistance received by Delhi from the Government of India. It remains Rs 325 crore since 2001-2002. The central aid for Assam, Goa, Haryana and Himachal Pradesh had increased significantly.last_img read more


Blazing sun fails to deter voters across Bengal

first_imgKolkata: A large number of people turned up at polling booths in all nine Parliamentary seats of Bengal, braving hot and humid conditions on Sunday, whereas two poll personnel fell ill due to excessive heat. The Regional Meteorological Centre in Alipore had earlier predicted that the temperature would remain on the higher side on the day of the final phase of election. The mercury had started climbing from last Friday in the city. Along with the voters, the polling personnel also faced difficulties in conducting polls due to the high levels of humidity. The MeT office also said that the temperature may continue to go up in the city and some other South Bengal districts in the next couple of days. There is no prediction of rainfall at least in the next 24 hours, the weather office added. Also Read – Rs 13,000 crore investment to provide 2 lakh jobs: MamataPeople were seen perspiring heavily while standing in queues outside various polling stations in Kolkata North and Kolkata South constituencies, during the afternoon hours. Many polling personnel had gone to the booths on Saturday, a day before the final phase of the polls, with ORS and other necessary items to fight the heat. Voters were found standing in queues outside polling booths with umbrellas to protect themselves from the blazing sun. Also Read – Lightning kills 8, injures 16 in stateMathurapur (SC) constituency recorded 78.52 percent polling till 5 pm, with 77.77 percent in Basirhat, 77.40 in Diamond Harbour, 75.81 in Joynagar, 74.41 in Barasat, 73.05 in Dum Dum, 70.97 in Jadavpur, 67.09 in Kolkata South and 61.18 in Kolkata North. Polling was conducted till 6 pm and latest data regarding the final poll percentage is yet to be compiled. The overall percentage of votes in the nine constituencies remained at 72.91 percent till 5 pm, which is expected to go up after the final tally.last_img read more


Visva Bharati University students call off agitation

first_imgKolkata: Vice-Chancellor of Visva Bharati University along with other professors, who were gheraoed by the students inside the university since Tuesday, were released after the agitating students called off their sit-in demonstration on Wednesday evening.Students decided to withdraw their agitation after the university officials assured that their demands would be looked into after May 25. The students were protesting against the university’s decision to increase the fee structure. Also Read – Rs 13,000 crore investment to provide 2 lakh jobs: MamataAround 80 students held a sit-in protest and prevented faculty members and officials from leaving the university campus. A meeting was held on Tuesday evening to discuss the matter, but as the authorities failed to find a solution. The agitating students said that the university authorities have doubled the fee amount this year. They said Rabindra Nath Tagore never wanted to burden students with heavy fees and hence the university officials were not showing respect to the bard. Also Read – Lightning kills 8, injures 16 in stateThey alleged that university cannot increase the fee arbitrarily in this manner. It was learnt that some university professors fell ill after they remained gheroaed for a long time. It was alleged that some teachers were heckled by the students when they tried to move out of the university. Earlier, students had submitted a memorandum to the university authorities in this regard but no steps were taken. They later decided to launch a sit-in demonstration. A meeting was held on the university campus, where the officials decided to consider the demands of the students. They told the students that they were looking into possibilities to rollback the fee hike. Another meeting would take place after May 25. However, students have threatened to launch a bigger protest if their demands were not met. A senior official of the Visva Bharati University said student agitation was a common thing at the varsity. Many discussions were held and some meetings will be shortly conducted. The matter will be settled and the students and authorities will soon work out a solution. “Students fail to understand certain things at times because they are young. But we will definitely try to make them understand by discussing the problem with them,” the official said.last_img read more