The Weirdest And Worst Overwatch Fan Art

first_imgOverwatch, Blizzard’s foray into team-based first-person shooting, has been extremely successful for a number of reasons. The game is expertly tuned, supporting a number of different playstyles and experience levels. It’s butter-smooth and looks gorgeous. But the single strongest factor in Overwatch‘s success is the characters. Each and every one of them is immediately recognizable, fun to play and has a backstory that’s hinted at in official animations and other materials.And where there are characters people love, there will also be fan art. There is some truly incredible Overwatch fan art out there, rendered with skill and precision. And then… there’s the other stuff. You read the headlines. People use Tracer, Soldier 76 and the rest to act out bizarre fetishes, mash up with other media franchises and generally assault our eyes. Come with us on a journey through the world of weird and awful Overwatch fan art.View as: One Page Slides1. Widowmaker Farting On TracerThe Overwatch fandom is very serious about its pairings, and sniper Widowmaker and speedy Tracer have been matched up together since day one. Do their bedroom activities involve facefarting? At least one artist seems to think so.2. Sombra CompressedThe world of Overwatch is a horny one, with people bringing all sorts of fetishes to bear on the characters. Some of this sex makes sense, while others… well, I can comfortably say that neither Sombra or any of her cohorts have a “being squashed like a steamroller” fetish.3. D.VA Cow’dThe full title of this masterpiece is “D.VA Cow’d with 8 boobs have trouble to move!!” exclamation marks included. Why exactly this is something that needed to be added to our already ruined universe is still up for discussion, but the artist’s description on DeviantArt involves a “instant 8 tits disable enable can.”4. Sonic & TracerAs with all things, Sonic the Hedgehog is present in Overwatch world as well. This insane CGI image introduces him to a furry version of Tracer who is apparently making him very horny.5. Sonic 76 & MercyettaLet’s get even hedgehog hornier with this mash-up that melds Sonic and Soldier 76, sucking face with “Mercyetta.” I’m not familiar with every single damn animal in the Sonic universe so I don’t know if that’s a fan character or not.6. Widowmaker PatrickI can’t read Korean so I don’t know if this text explains why Spongebob’s friend Patrick Star has stolen Widowmaker’s clothes. Just one of those meme mysteries.7. TorbjornYes, very good likeness. Really gets to the core of the character in so many ways.8. Tracer StomachI could have filled this entire gallery with images of Tracer having her body warped and stretched in dozens of different ways. For some reason Overwatch’s spunky mascot really seems to draw the attention of a wide variety of pervs.9. Scary Purple Lady Hits On Texan BoyI have a feeling that this image is on levels of memes that I’m not capable of processing. It’s always high noon somewhere, after all.10. Huge D.VaAll those Doritos and cans of Mountain Dew make it difficult to keep a slim figure, but this D.Va is no longer capable of fitting into her mech suit at all. In fact, it’s starting to look like the suit is inside of her.11. Buff Tracer & EmilyThere’s a whole subgenre of Overwatch art that takes the normally slender Tracer and buffs up her muscles to steroidal levels, often courtesy of Zarya. Why? I have no idea, do I look like a mind reader?12. McShrekOf all the romantic pairings in the Overwatch universe, we would have never guessed that McCree / Shrek would be a thing. But America’s favorite ogre has a deep and loving heart.13. Zarya WedgieThat looks painful. The relationship between butch Zarya and fey Tracer is a ripe one for fan artists, and when the Brit isn’t getting buff she’s the subject of relentless bullying by the big Russian.14. Tickle TortureWe have to give credit to the artist of this image for coming up with a complex tickle torture device that also looks like it could be a ride at a really perverse amusement park. Symemetra doesn’t seem too put out by the whole ordeal though.15. SombrellaTo be honest, I can’t even comprehend the level of mysterious perversion it takes to render a morph of Sombra and an umbrella. Like it’s just totally beyond my comprehension.16. Mei Feeding TracerMei’s canonical level of thiccness is hotly debated among Overwatch fan artists, but this one decides to just go whole hog with it and have her pumping Tracer full of some mysterious inflating goop as well.17. Tracer Inside MeiOr we can go the other way with the same general concept and throw a little vore fetish into the mix as well. Tracer doesn’t look too comfortable in there. Maybe she’s cold.18. New DollysI’ve seen some big diapers in my time on this Earth, but those are really big diapers.19. The Feet Of OverwatchThere needs to be a special word for foot fetish art where the creator really takes a lot of time to determine the different shapes, toe angles and skin tones for each character. Otherwise their fans won’t take them seriously!20. Bees?Bees? Bees.Let us know what you like about Geek by taking our survey.AdChoices广告last_img read more