Columbus Catholic soccer routs Tri-County in regular-season finale

first_imgFuerlinger, Dieringer, Farid Torbey each score twice for DonsBy Paul LeckerSports ReporterMARSHFIELD — The Marshfield Columbus Catholic soccer team wrapped up its regular-season schedule with an 8-0 win over Tri-County in a Mid-State Soccer Conference game Thursday at Griese Park.The Dons led 2-0 at halftime following goals by Nick Malovrh and Alexandra Hutchison.Farid Torbey, Evan Dieringer, and Tyler Fuerlinger each scored twice in the second half to push the Dons to the shutout win.Bailey Keffer and Kellen Heinzen combined on the shutout for Columbus Catholic, which improves to 13-1-3 overall and finishes the MSSC season with a 9-0-3 record.The Dons will open WIAA postseason play with a Division 4 regional semifinal at home on Oct. 22 against an opponent to be determined.(Hub City Times Sports Reporter Paul Lecker is also the publisher of 8, Penguins 0Tri-County 0 0 – 0Columbus Catholic 2 6 – 8First half: 1. CC, Nick Malovrh (Farid Torbey), 30:09; 2. CC, Alexandra Hutchison (Charles Payant), 44:37.Second half: 3. CC, F. Torbey (Nadim Torbey), 54:00; 4. CC, Tyler Fuerlinger (Evan Dieringer), 59:18; 5. CC, Dieringer (Payant), 62:30; 6. CC, F. Torbey (Calvin Brown), 63:51; 7. CC, Dieringer (N. Torbey), 65:55; 8. CC, Fuerlinger, 85:32.Records: Tri-County 8-7, 6-5 Mid-State Soccer Conference; Columbus Catholic 13-1-3, 9-0-3 MSSC.last_img read more


Data Management: Burn the Tapes!

first_imgContinuous Data Protection (CDP) or continuous backup refers to the automatic real-time versioning and tracking of every change made to data, and the ability to rollback to a snapshot of the data at any point in time.With CDP, every time data is written to disk, it is also being written asynchronously to a second location. Every transaction and data update in the enterprise is tracked and time-stamped, creating the ability to later zoom into a data storage snapshot of the enterprise data at any point in time. CDP obsoletes the need for scheduled backups and creates an approach to backup that doesn’t have discrete widely spaced snapshots.Because hard disks are used as the backup medium, recovery is quick. If data is accidently lost or the system becomes infected with a virus, rolling back to any previous point in time is easy, and it may take as little as seconds after a failure to get a system back into its pre-fault state. Compared to tape backup and the labor involved to ensure backups are done correctly, CDP is significantly easier and has much greater reliability.This kind of technology is coming just in time to help as enterprises are pumping out ever more data and 24-hour global work days are making it ever more difficult to find a ‘good’ time to schedule backups. CDP is clearly a technology that is attractive to system administrators.Enterprises are beginning to put CDP to the test. Forrester says that currently 20 percent of businesses are using CDP and they expect that the number will increase to 35 percent by 2011.Currently 70 percent of backups are still done with tape and 29 percent are done on disk. In two years the numbers will be 43 percent disk and 57 percent tape. And by 2011, 60 percent of backup will be on disk.The Forrester report predicts that the greatest growth in enterprise data will come from messaging and collaboration, particularly space needed for email and IM.Storage and the technologies around it are finally getting hot after many years of slow growth and very slow technology change. CDP is just one category in storage that is set to explode.last_img read more


Will tomorrow’s wearables be powered by flexible transistors?

first_imgHow Myia Health’s Partnership with Mercy Virtua… Tags:#health wearables#Internet of Things#IoT#transistors#University of Wisconsin-Madison Researchers at the University of Wisconsin-Madison have developed an incredible light, flexible, and fast new type of transistor that could very well power the future of wearable technology.This transistor operates at a record 38 gigahertz, with simulations showing that it could reach speeds of as much as 110 gigahertz. This puts them on part with even some of the fastest computers.See also: E-skin might be the slightly creepy future of wearablesHow these transistors are created is also unique. It involves a reusable mold created with nanoimprint lithography and cutting the membrane with a nano-knife.This gives you a small, ultra-thin and flexible transistor that can be used in a greater range of applications while providing extraordinary performance.Not only that, but because the mold can be reused, it can be used to scale production in a process called roll-to-roll processing which will enable semiconductor manufacturers to produce devices on a roll of flexible plastic, in mass quantities.Not only that, but their ultra-narrow design makes it possible to pack more transistors into a narrow space.New transistors to benefit wearables?One type of product that can be made with this technology: wearables.Because these electronics are flexible and thin, they are a perfect candidate for the world of wearables where weight and flexibility are of critical importance.Wearable fitness trackers, heart monitors, smart clothing, watches, and more could be made using these flexible transistors without sacrificing in power or performance. In fact, they might even make them inherently more powerful.Here’s the downside. This technology isn’t ready for commercial production yet. There is still a lot of research to be done, and there hasn’t yet been any official estimates as to when it might be ready for prime time.Even today, engineers are struggling to find new ways to make wearable devices smaller, thinner, lighter, and more powerful. We’ve reached a point where if we want to make a more minuscule computer, we’re going to have to create new technologies to do so.With this, and other technologies on the horizon, it’s safe to say for all the great devices on the market, we’ve seen nothing yet. Internet of Things Makes it Easier to Steal You… Why IoT Apps are Eating Device Interfacescenter_img Ryan Matthew Pierson Follow the Puck Related Posts last_img read more


10 months agoMan Utd chief Woodward moves for Juventus attacker Douglas Costa

first_imgMan Utd chief Woodward moves for Juventus attacker Douglas Costaby Paul Vegas10 months agoSend to a friendShare the loveManchester United chief Ed Woodward is launching a bid for Juventus attacker Douglas Costa.The Sun says Woodward lined up Juventus star Costa before axing Jose Mourinho.It is claimed Mourinho learnt of the plans to sign the Brazilian shortly before he was sacked.Costa has slipped down the pecking order at Juve following the arrival of Cristiano Ronaldo in the summer, despite turning his loan into a permanent deal in the same transfer window.Mourinho had clashed with Woodward and the United board over the failure to land transfer targets. TagsTransfersAbout the authorPaul VegasShare the loveHave your saylast_img read more


Here Are The 68 Teams, Seeded 1-68, Picked To Make The NCAA Tournament By The Mock Selection Committee

first_imgMock selection committee picks 68 tournament teams.We are less than five weeks away from the start of the NCAA men’s basketball tournament. Or, in other words, the best time of the year. Bracketology is in full swing, with teams starting to secure their tournament position and seed ranges. This week, a mock NCAA Tournament selection committee gathered in Chicago. College basketball writers from across the country met up for a couple of days to pick the field of 68, seed the teams and place them in a bracket. Here are the 68 teams picked to make the 2015 NCAA Tournament, seeded No.1 to No. 68. The teams in green font are the automatic qualifiers. Here’s the #MockSelection seed list, 1 to 68, so far:— Brian Hamilton (@BrianHamiltonSI) February 13, 2015The NCAA Tournament is set to begin on Tuesday, March 17, in Dayton, Ohio. The Round of 64 will start on Thursday, March 19.last_img read more


Football Nick Bosa freshman defensive linemen have productive 2016 season

OSU freshman defensive lineman Nick Bosa (97) pays tribute to his brother, former OSU defensive lineman Joey Bosa, by doing the ‘Bosa shrug’ after his first career sack during the Buckeyes’ season opener on Sept. 3 at Ohio Stadium. The Buckeyes won 77-10. Credit: Alexa Mavrogianis | Photo EditorSCOTTSDALE, Ariz. — For the first-year defensive linemen who have received the most playing time other than Nick Bosa — redshirt freshman Dre’Mont Jones, redshirt freshman Davon Hamilton and freshman Robert Landers — 2016 has been a great season. Coming into the year, Nick, brother of former OSU All-American and current San Diego Charger Joey Bosa, was expected to make an impact — unlike his fellow freshman counterparts on the defensive front.After Bosa suffered a torn ACL during his senior year of high school, and starting defensive tackle and redshirt junior Tracy Sprinkle went down with an achilles rupture in the first game of the season, it became apparent OSU needed some big-time minutes from their young players. Although Bosa had a successful rehab period, he still needed time to develop after missing much of the offseason’s drills.According to the Florida native, 2016 has been about growth more than healing, although the time away ensured he was ready to go late in the season.“I’ve grown tremendously this whole year,” Bosa said. “From the first day going full speed in camp to now I think … I’ve actually learned how to play football. Let’s just say that. High school was a lot of brute strength and athleticism. And now, I think I have a pretty good skill set. It’s just been fun to progress all year and learn new things every week. The knee is fine.”Before Bosa started picking up steam as a defender, the interior of the OSU defensive line was a bit of a question mark. That was, until, the trio of Jones, Hamilton and Landers emerged as quality defensive linemen.Jones leads the group with 46 total tackles, while Hamilton and Landers have combined for 25. Of Landers’ 16 tackles, eight are for a loss. Success in his first real playing time with a team in national-championship contention is still a little surreal for Jones.“It set in for my family, not for me yet,” he said. “I’m still in a trance still trying to figure this all out. I’m excited. I’m just ready to go.”OSU is a program that expects contributions from first-year players the moment they step onto campus, like many other top football universities in the nation. Although the expectation might seem lofty, it has helped lots of players develop into NFL-ready talent as soon as they leave Columbus. While it’s a bit like a dream for Jones, Bosa had different things in mind when he committed to the Buckeyes.“I obviously have high expectations of myself,” he said. “I’m not going to come in and not expect to play. The fact that I’ve contributed to a national championship run is surreal.”While the players have been hard at work all week preparing for the task ahead in Clemson, most players agreed the extra practice is a chance to fine tune their skills. Although Jones agreed the bowl practices are helpful, he said they have more of an impact for next season.“Bowl practice, period, is really like a mini camp for us ‘cause it’s a chance for the young guys to showcase their talents and show them we can still play,” Jones said. “This kind of just showcases us for next year’s season.”Recently, Nick Bosa watched his brother throw up an O-H-I-O after getting a sack against Cleveland in the Chargers’ loss last Saturday. Although he has yet to break out any patented moves like Joey’s shrug, Nick said he might give it a try.“We’ll see,” he said. “I’ll probably just be screaming my head off. Too much adrenaline.”Bosa and company will be squaring off against Clemson on Saturday at 7 p.m. ET in the PlayStation Fiesta Bowl at the University of Phoenix Stadium. read more


Cursed Superstition could be cause for Jackets downfall

This is the sad tale of how I single-handedly ruined the Columbus Blue Jackets’ season.Superstition is rampant in the world of sports. Since the dawn of competition, men have invented games and then subsequently subjected themselves to unusual rituals and practices in an attempt to metaphysically improve their performances.The ancient Phoenicians would look to the skies and implore the divine beings in the sun to bless their game of stones. The Greeks who invented the Olympics would lather one another in oil in the exact same way each time they competed in the javelin throw or discus. Gladiators in imperial Rome would salute the Emperor in the hope that his favor would help them to survive the day.And lest you think that superstitious beliefs are limited to ignorant heathens of days long since past, some aspects of our culture remain steeped in irrational superstitions. Why else do people continue to cross the street rather than walk under a ladder, knock on wood or act all wonky on Friday the 13th?Many of today’s most famous athletes have their own quirky, idiosyncratic tendencies.Former Red Sox and Yankees slugger, Wade Boggs, refused to eat anything other than chicken on game days. Pitcher Mark “The Bird” Fidrych used to converse with the baseball in his hand as he prepared to face hitters. NBA superstar Michael Jordan used to wear the powder-blue gym shorts of his alma mater, the University of North Carolina, under his Chicago Bulls uniform for every game.Legend also has it that retired Seattle Supersonic star Shawn Kemp would father an illegitimate child before every road game in hopes of a triple double.These superstitious beliefs aren’t limited to random individuals, either. Nearly every sport worthy of the name has its own set of rituals.Most baseball fans are aware of the fact that it is an absolute no-no to talk to a pitcher who is in the middle of a possible no-hitter. This is the same sport whose athletes refuse to touch the baselines when running on and off the field and attempt to take home the most unattractive girl in the bar when their batting averages dip below the Mendoza line. This is a practice known as “slump busting.”Golfers must start their rounds with an odd number of clubs. Bowlers carry more lucky charms than the leprechaun of breakfast cereal fame. And of course, everyone knows that a fisherman is destined for a bad day if he passes a barefoot woman on the way to the lake.For hockey players, it’s all about the logo.Like the sacred sign that hangs in the hallway outside the locker room of Jesus’ favorite football team, Notre Dame, the logo in NHL dressing rooms is sacrosanct. This was a fact pointed out to me by the Lantern writer who was covering the Columbus Blue Jackets at the time.Because he was unable to cover that night’s game, I drew the job. After covering the basics that I would need to get into Nationwide Arena, he looked at me solemnly and asked whether or not I knew about the logo’s lore. When I responded in the negative, he proceeded to explain the ultimate taboo that is treading on a hockey team’s logo.I made a small mental note but didn’t give it much thought. The hockey game passed by in a flash that night. I was nervous as hell as I waited in the hallway outside the dressing room. Columbus was coming off its first-ever playoff appearance and had compiled a 5-1 record in the early goings of the season. There was joy in the air and the Jackets were the toast of the town.That was all to change.After finishing up a particularly rousing interview with fourth-line left-winger Derek Dorsett, I turned and headed toward captain Rick Nash’s locker. In my haste, I oafishly walked across the Blue Jackets logo woven into the dressing room carpet. I was quickly intercepted by an angry locker room attendant.“Stay off the logo, please,” he said tersely.His prim demeanor lulled me into a false sense of security as I thought I had avoided an embarrassing situation.I caught a hint of movement in my peripheral vision somewhere to my left. I turned to find its source. I was quickly horrified at the realization that it was the movement of a suddenly angry Raffi Torres advancing toward me, his lip curled into a snarl. The fact that he, like most hockey players, does not possess a full mouth of teeth only added to his frightening visage.Eyes cast downward, muttering an apology, I quickly fled to the farthest corner of the dressing room. Heart pounding, I came to the realization that my first sports writing assignment in the locker room of a major sports team had nearly ended in my pummeling at the hands of one of the local players. My budding career was over before it began, for surely no journalist could overcome the public humiliation that would accompany a very public beatdown.At the very least, I would have been resigned to an eternity of covering the Saskatchewan Roughriders of the Canadian Football League.The rest is history. The Jackets went on an extended losing streak, fired their head coach and have posted a 26-30-11 record on the season. I’ve often wondered if there was something I could have done to reverse the jinx, like don goalie gear and let them fire shots at me.For now, I’m resigned to the fact that I’m the guy who ruined a franchise’s season. Me and Steve Bartman. read more


Valverde Hopefully Coutinhos brace will give him confidence

first_imgBarcelona manager Ernesto Valverde is hoping that Philippe Coutinho will receive a boost in confidence following his brace against Sevilla in their Copa del Rey quarter-final win.After losing the first leg 2-0 at Sevilla last week, Barcelona were ruthless in the return leg at Camp Nou with Coutinho’s double helping them to a 6-1 victory.Ivan Rakitic, Sergi Roberto, Luis Suarez and Lionel Messi were the other scorers on the night as Barcelona sealed their semi-final spot in the Copa del Rey with a 6-3 aggregate win over Sevilla.But, for Valverde, a big factor to take from the game was Coutinho’s brace at Camp Nou after the Brazilian playmaker’s form had been put into question following a lacklustre campaign so far.Blaugrana captain Messi even selflessly gave up a chance to score an early penalty for the team by instead allowing Coutinho to slot it home instead.“Leo has given it to him to take and he has taken a great responsibility and made it 1-0,” said Valverde, according to Fox Sports.“I hope the success gives him more confidence.”Gerard Pique, Neymar, BarcelonaLa Liga Betting: Match-day 4 Stuart Heath – September 14, 2019 Despite it being very early into La Liga season, both Barcelona and Real Madrid have had unprecedented starts to their campaigns. With this in…Speaking after the game, Coutinho thanked Messi for allowing him to take a confidence-boosting penalty.“The penalty has come naturally,” said Coutinho. “Leo’s gesture shows how great it is.“Thanks to Leo, for letting me kick the penalty, that’s good for the confidence of the group.“We knew that to overcome, we had to be involved from the beginning.”Although the most pleasing factor for Valverde was the way Barcelona responded by rising to the challenge when it was necessary after losing the first leg of their quarter-final tie to Sevilla 2-0.“The best thing is that we have security and we confirm that we are a team that when we have to take a step forward, we do it,” he said.Next up for Barcelona is another home game against Valencia on Saturday in La Liga.last_img read more


Commonwealth Athletes Show Strong National Pride and Commonwealth Country Fellowship

first_imgFacebook Twitter Google+LinkedInPinterestWhatsApp Related Items: Facebook Twitter Google+LinkedInPinterestWhatsAppBahamas, July 20, 2017 – Nassau – The Bahamas Commonwealth Youth Games held Official Opening ceremonies on July 18, 2017 at the Thomas A. Robinson National Stadium, during which the athletes representing their respective countries participated in an “Athletes’ Parade.”There was buzz of excitement as the athletes waited to parade in this historic Games, the first event of a series that will take place in the Americas.Behind the scenes all of the athletes filled the old sports centre area, waiting to parade in the stadium in their national colors with flags and other paraphernalia.  With all the countries filling the sports centre one would think that the world was so large, yet we are all connected.  Many of the athletes at the Commonwealth Youth Games already knew other athletes from different countries by competing in different events around the world or by meeting one another at boarding schools and colleges.Many more connections were made as they waited to march, as the young athletes went around trading country pins and showing respect and well wishes to their opponents. The vibe was a great balance of strong national pride and Commonwealth country fellowship.Story by: Sydnei IsaacsPress Release: BISPHOTOS: Highlights of the Commonwealth Youth Games 2017 Official Opening Ceremony, Athletes’ Parade, and festivities, July 18, 2017 at the Thomas A. Robinson National Stadium.  (BIS Photos/Raymond A. Bethel, Sr.)last_img read more


Three American women busted for 100000 in cocaine in Freeport Bahamas

first_imgFacebook Twitter Google+LinkedInPinterestWhatsApp Facebook Twitter Google+LinkedInPinterestWhatsApp#Bahamas, December 19, 2017 – Grand Bahama – Twenty-five thousand dollars in illicit drugs was taken off a Grandmother at the Freeport Harbour last Friday; the 60 year old American woman had the 2.5lbs of cocaine, taped to her waistline when she was arrested at the security check point.   One day later, around 5pm on Saturday, also in Grand Bahama, two more American women of Pompano Beach, Florida were arrested at the same security check point at Freeport Harbour with $75,000 in cocaine strapped to their bodies.The drug mules were readying to board a go fast ferry to Ft Lauderdale when they were busted – nearly 10lbs between the two were detected by security officers.   Both women are 39 years old and will appear before Magistrate this week in Grand Bahama.#MagneticMediaNews#3Americanwomenbustedfordrugs Related Items:#3Americanwomenbustedfordrugs, #magneticmedianewslast_img read more