Backify offers 512GB Dropboxlike service for 5 a month

first_imgWith the launch of iCloud as part of the iOS 5 roll out, you’d think cloud storage services may be a bit worried with Apple in the game. But it doesn’t seem that way. Dropbox is doing fine, and has just started offering iOS users 50GB of free storage instead of the more typical 5GB its free account serves up.A new service has appeared, however, that potentially blows the competition away with the amount of storage it has on offer. Backify is advertising a free online backup service with 512GB of storage space. You can increase that to unlimited storage for $3 per month, but the best deal will cost you $5 a month and allows you to use your 512GB of storage just like Dropbox does as a personal file storage locker.Backify call the personal storage space Briefcase. It uses a piece of software that creates a network drive on every machine you want to access your files on. You can then upload files and make them available on all your machines, just like Dropbox. The main difference being the cost, which is significantly lower than Dropbox, and storage, which is significantly higher.Before rushing to sign up it’s worth considering this is a brand new service and one created using a reseller package from cloud storage company LiveDrive. LiveDrive don’t seem to offer a free account, but do have a range of paid-for, and more expensive options for backup and personal online file storage.512GB is a lot of storage space, but does anyone really need that much yet for either backup or personal file storage yet? Regardless, if it proves popular then the competition will have to respond, and that likely means more storage for everyone.More at Backifylast_img read more