An appeal

first_imgThe following is an appeal to Bangalore City Administration (BBMP & DC) and the Health Department by a highly concerned citizen of Bangalore and an ardent reader of ‘Times of India’ – the newspaper that’s in the forefront of making a great impact on the lives of Bengalureans.It’s high time that the Containment Zone is confined to only the house affected by Coronavirus. If the sealing down of areas continue in the way it’s being carried out, the whole of Bangalore City will very soon turn out to be a Containment Zone.Sealing down an entire Area/ Ward/Street will cost a bomb to the Economy of Bangalore City that is just trying to open up.The City Administration & the Health Department should soon review the Containment strategies in such a way that the economic activities and the normalcy of life of the people who reside in the neighbourhood of a Coronavirus infected person or a family are not at all disrupted.It seems to me that the very purpose of Unlock 0.1 will be defeated with the growing number of Containment Zones due to how the city administration is sealing them down and it’s worse than complete lockdown. In the recent past, SP Road has been sealed down for 28 days. Imagine the disastrous effects of such a measure on the business front. If markets are not allowed to operate and sealed down for longer periods and street vendors are prevented from selling, how will the livelihoods of the poor, labourers and the marginalised be revived?The mildly affected should be allowed to isolate themselves in their respective residences and monitored and only the severe cases to be hospitalised. And the immediate contacts too should be allowed to isolate for 14 days in their houses.The rest of the neighbourhood needs to be alerted about the development and allowed to carry on with their daily lives unhampered, of course with caution.The chances of Coronavirus cases spiking in different parts of Bangalore is very high what with the increase in the number of returnees both domestic and foreign. Unhygienic and crowded Institutional quarantine facilities are adding to the woes. Hence Home quarantine is safer.To reiterate and sum it up, only the residential unit in which a Coronavirus case is suspected or confirmed should be declared a Containment Zone for 14 days, instead of the entire Area/Street.And most importantly, an asymptomatic person needn’t be tested for Covid-19.Let’s not shatter the economy even further, giving into fears of unwarranted health hazard.PM Modi has assured the Confederation of Indian Industry recently that the economic activities will be assisted to pick up pace faster.last_img read more